The Careglio company

The Careglio wine farm, one of the most renowned Roero wineries, despite its young history, is deeply linked to ancient passions that conduced to its creation.

In 1986 Pierangelo Careglio, inheriting the work and ambition of his father Matteo and of his ancestors, took over the family company and decided to favor the cultivation of the vine because he was strongly convinced that the sandy and sunny Roero soils could give birth to intense wines, rich in aromas and fragrances.

From the first steps till today, the pursuit of the highest quality has always been the primary objective and the guiding thread; Pierangelo has always taken care of working in the vineyard in a precise and rigorous way, choosing the best harvest time with criteria and intuition, following step by step the winemaking processes with the support of the best technologies

Therefore, the quality of Careglio wines has undoubtedly originated from the vineyards, all located in a hamlet of Baldissero d’Alba called Aprato. Most of the vineyards are located on the hills “Costabella” and “Valmezzana“, appreciated and narrated by the ancestors as the most suitable for the cultivation of the vine.

The forefathers were right, the said locations are characterized by soil with a good amount of clay and limestone, in addition to the typical Roero sand, perfect to make complex and well structured wines. “Costabella” and “Valmezzana” are two hills constantly ventilated, their altitude exceeds 300 meters and they are best exposed to sun rays.

These are the winning cards, complemented by a precise and meticulous, sometimes obsessive, method of work and by a non-exasperated but calibrated use of modern technologies, which help to preserve and express to the utmost the uniqueness and richness of the grapes.

Therefore, Andrea and Pierangelo’s production philosophy is to give life to wines of excellence, rich in aromas and fragrances that embody the autochthonous characteristics and preserve the identity of the wines of the territory, the Roero, to which they are bound by a strong passion.

Lastly, putting into effect the commitment spent over the years in favor of sustainability and respect for nature, since 2016 the Careglio business has implemented the new project “The Green Experience”, and from 2023, starting the European SQNPI.

These projects involves the integration of ecological production mechanisms with environmental and aesthetic care of the landscape, management of the turf without the use of chemical herbicides and the most acute rationalization of the use of plant protection products.