A family passion

The Careglio wine farm is located in the heart of the sunny Roero hills, renowned and appreciated worldwide for the excellent quality of the vineyards.

The farm, family-owned, is composed of eight hectares of vineyards, distributed in the historic sites of the viticulture of Baldissero d’Alba, locations with incredible enological traditions since the fourteenth century.

Over the years, Careglio wines have been recognized and appreciated, first locally, then internationally for the high quality achieved, obtained combining tradition and rural wisdom with the wise use of modern technology.

What is the quality of the wine due to?
To this question, Andrea Careglio, today the head of the family business, answers:

“It is due to the perfect bond created between nature, the microclimatic conditions, the exposure of the vineyards with acquired experience, ambition and passion which ties us closely to our work”.

This perfect harmony between man and nature gives life to wines of great finesse and elegance, that are able to express the full potential of a viticulture with a thousand-year history.

In addition to the two core wines of the company, which are the Roero Docg, a complex red wine of great elegance, and the Roero Arneis Docg, a white wine with a delicate and fragrant aroma, the Company is also proud of other not less characteristic and interesting wines.

Among the other wines, there are the Langhe Favorita Doc, a delicate and fresh white wine, the Barbera d’Alba Doc, a pleasant and fruity red wine symbol of the typical peasant drinking, the Langhe Nebbiolo Doc, a younger and frank version of Nebbiolo, and finally an intensely fruity and fresh rosé wine.


``In the words and gestures of Andrea Careglio, thirty-one year old jumped at the helm of this small but firm family company, there is all the safety of those who have a definite vision of their future: in a place less know of the Roero, the Careglio are demonstrating , harvest after harvest, that there is space to grow and make great wines from native vines, and, at the same time, to spend in an 'intelligent promotion of the territory.
We were impressed by the frankness, the precision and the typicality of the battery of tasted wines. Floral and slightly mineral, the Langhe Favorita 2016 also has a beautiful acidity. Beautiful version for this Roero Arnies 2016, which is expressed on citrus, flower and saltiness; on the palate has lengthness and an enthralling drinkability. Equally successful was the Gramplin 2016 Rosé Wine, a fixed nail to which the Careglio's rightly wanted to give space. Sharp in fruity aromas, the Barbera d'Alba 2015 is fresh and flowing. Even the Langhe Nebbiolo is agile and elegant. Finally, Roero 2014: It shows up with scents of fragrant and pleasant berries, to continue on the palate with dynamism, ripe tannins and a slender final.


From the well-tended property vineyards, located on sandy and sandstone soil at high-altitude called ``Bric``,it born an excellent Roero Docg is perfumed with rose, violet and orange peel. A powerful wine with tannins that are still important, consistent, fresh and dry in its long finish. Good also the Langhe Nebbiolo, with fresh and floral wisteria lucerne, and a Favorita typical and fruity, with a sapid and soft mouth. Very pleasant the Roero Arneis, fresh and with citrus and mineral aromas.

BEREBENE 2017 ``best buy under 13€” by Gambero Rosso

This small family business founded in 1986 cultivates the vines typical of the Roero area: Arneis, Barbera, Favorita and Nebbiolo in its 8 hectares of vineyards and offers a range of excellent quality wines. This year we especially liked the 2013 Roero, one of the best of the typology, thanks to the aromas of small red fruits, incense and wet earth with spicy nuances, while on the palate, even if the tannins are still a bit aggressive, it is long and pulpy, rich in fruit and savory.




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